Are You in Control?

As our data continues to be collected, exchanged, stored, sold and analysed, are we giving away more than we can comprehend? Do we have control over our digital lives? What would that even look like?

Join Will Abramson (Edinburgh Napier University) on an exploration of identity and existence in our increasingly digital society. Take a glimpse into a more trusted future and hopefully leave better prepared to take advantage of it.

Are you ready to play your part in this future?

This summer I was scheduled to run a one time show at Edinburgh Fringe for an hour as part of the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas. Safe to say I am gutted about the decision to cancel the fringe this year. It seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to engage with real, genuine, everyday folks on this increasingly important matter.

Here is my show blurb, condensing this down into < 100 words including the title was not easy, but I was happy with the results so figured I would share regardless.

Would you have come to see me? Well maybe I can come to you in the future…

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